[* Introduction to Community Radio]

Community Radio International Networks

Community Development

[* Basics Journalistic Practice]

Guidelines for Interviewing

Radio Journalism Work


[* Basics Communication]

Handout Multilingual Broadcasting taken from RAWIK

[* Basic Studio]


[* Basics Editing and Techniques]

Handout Technology taken from RAWIK

Audacity Shortcuts

Digital Editing and Sound Quality 

[* Programme Production]

Multilingual Broadcasting taken from RAWIK

Production Meetings

Programme Production

Production Plan

Running Orders

[* Scripting and Presenting]

Scripting for Radio

 Speaking for Radio

Tips for Music Presenters

[* Portable Recorder]

Description Olympus LS14

Recording with Portable Recorders taken from RAWIK

[* Radio Ethics and Media Law]

[* Feedback]

Feedback Guidelines

Guidelines for Training Feedback – Voice

Guidelines for Trainer Feedback

[* Facilitation]

Ground Rules

[* New Platforms]


[* Literature and Weblinks]

  • R. Murray Schafer: A Sound Education. 100 Excersises in Listening and Soundmaking (1992).