Brief summary of activity

The participants will analyse media representation of migrant women.

Aim of the activity

To create awareness of the role of media in the reinforcement of stereotypes and the needs for alternative perspectives that will challenge mainstream media message.

Expected Outcomes

A better understanding of media approaches to topics and groups and individuals.The group will become more engaged in the training as they realise how their groups is being represented in media.

Experience and skills required

Facilitation skills

Basic knowledge of media analysis approaches

Infrastructure, setting, resources

A comfortable room


30 minutes


Newspapers, magazines, for the media analysis

How the activity should take place

This exercise could be use in different ways. If we have more time, we can do it in full, but if we don’t have much time we start in point 31.

Analysis of the daily press ( 5′ )

We chose daily newspapers of different ideology and the participants analyse it individually or in pairs (photos, content, actors and actresses, … ). We examine:

– Who signs the news

– Topic

– Area of the notice

– Age, family situation of the protagonist

– Socio-economic profile, occupation or position of the protagonist

Presentation of the analysis ( 5 ‘)

Each individual/pair presents to the other participants a summary of what they have seen in the paper. We want to know what gets their attention either for positive or negative reasons.

Are migrant women represented in the media? ( 5′)

At the end of the round, the facilitators will discuss if they found any news that related to their own collective or if there are not news about migrant women in the newspaper/media analysed

– Are they represented in the media?

– Are their needs / interests represented ?

– If they appear in the newspaper, how are they represented? In what situation?

The participants can have a few minutes to think about these questions

Migrant women in the media ( 5 ‘)

Presentation to the group of their thoughts and conclusions.

Examples ( 10 ‘)

The trainer take examples of appropriate and inappropriate practices. They compare the examples and they debate the representation of migrant women in the media. We want other representations and we are going to work for it!

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

1 to 10


Earlier in the training