SMART Certificate available for trained community media trainers

To strengthen the quality and reach of the training going on every day in community media and by community media training institutions all over Europe, the partners behind the SMART online tool have created training for the trainers. This training puts the community media trainer in a position to effectively use the SMART tools, while adapting them to the specific needs of the particular group they will be training, be it immigrants, people with specific needs, specific age groups or people with learning difficulties.

Tools have been created to carry out a thorough assessment of the value of the training carried out, and certificates are available to document the training that participants have been engaged in. While anyone has access to the training materials and is free to make use of them, access to issuing the SMART training certificates is granted by the SMART partners only. Should you and your organisation be interested in organising certificated training, endorsed by Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE) and AMARC Europe along with the SMART partners, you can contact one of the partners from your region of Europe to apply for certification. By presenting the training concept based on the SMART Trainers syllabus and methods to one of the partners, the certified delivery of SMART train the trainer courses can then take place and participants can be awarded the certificate upon successful completion of the courses.